At RezScore, We looked through our corpus of resumes recently scored by hiring experts and picked out resumes that were obviously “good” or “bad”.   We applied a method called “term frequency inverse document frequency” to measure term salience and pick out the words which most strongest correlated with a bad resume.


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"[RezScore is] a very good website which lets you grade your resume with respect to certain predefined industry standards and helps you suggest ways to improve the same. What’s more it is
absolutely free."


"Sometimes, it so happens that veteran professionals need a third person analysis to update their resume. You might need this just because you haven’t got the time to spare for such tasks.
Sites like RezScore become very useful under such circumstances. This ‘cloud’ site will analyze
your resume and use proprietary algorithm to present you with several changes and tips that
will add a fresh new twist to your resume, improve, and potentially help you snag a high-flying
new job."


"Wow- this is a great service!!! Why hasn’t anyone heard about you guys?!! I’m going to let my contacts on LinkedIn know about you! Great tool!!!"

- Bill D.

"While the good old resume is in no danger of disappearing, you’d better have your online profiles in shape. Something like 80% of all employers check you out online when you apply for a job. Assuming that you’re smart enough to have tailored yo"


Hello loyal RezScorians!

The RezScore team is always looking for ways to reward our users. So, for the month of October, we are pleased to announce the beginning of the RezScore Twitter Raffle!

When you receive a great grade from RezScore, we know you want to shout it from the rooftops, and that’s great. For the month of October, try Tweeting it from the rooftops instead for fabulous prizes.

Fabulous prizes, what are we talking about here?

We will be raffling off one prize each Friday starting on October 7. Prizes include:

Week 1: A resume makeover with a certifed resume writer (worth $49.99!)
Week 2: A $25 gift certificate for Express (for your awesome interview wardrobe)
Week 3: A copy of #ENTRYLEVELtweet: Taking Your Career From Classroom to Cubicle by Heather R. Huhman
Week 4: A $25 gift certificate for Amazon (who doesn’t need something from Amazon?)

Additionally, with every 50 Tweets, we will be donating $10 to Hiring for Hope, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping unite struggling job seekers and employers.

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The only way people will have the trust to give their all to their job is if they feel like their contribution is recognized and valued.

- Mark Pincus

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Believe it or not, but we love resumes. We love their usefulness, their flexible nature, and the fact a resume gets you hired (whodoesn’t love that?).

Since we’re all about resumes and we’re just a smidge nerdy, we’ve naturally come up with our very own set of resume hacks that are handy to just about anyone who has submitted a resume online.

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Why would I hack my resume?

A person doesn’t initially review your resume when you submit it to a company (eyes on you, big, scary companies!). Chances are, some type of HR software, affectionately known as an “applicant tracking system”, reviews it. This system is usually what sorts large quantities of applications into the initial ‘yes’ and ‘no’ categories. While they are designed to prioritize the most qualified applicants, the system is still flawed. Here are four ways you can help your resume into the ‘yes’ pile…

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A Guide To Being A Pirate by David Soames

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